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A Short History of BSA NWTC Troop 1

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 1 of Wichita Falls page.

A Short History of BSA NWTC Troop 1

Troop 1 has been continuously chartered since 1916 making Troop 1 is the second oldest continuously chartered Boy Scout Troop in Texas and one of the oldest continuously chartered Troops in the United States. At last check Troop 1 was 238th on the B.S.A. national register.

Troop 1 was originally sponsored by the Christian Sunday School and the Scoutmaster was Sam P. Sproles. On July 1, 1927 Troop 1 moved to Floral Heights Methodist Church which had only been established six years before.

On July 1, 1934 Eagle Scout William R. McClure became the Scoutmaster and served until November 30, 1962. Under his guidance, 72 boys earned their Eagle. Mr. McClure was the first Eagle Scout between Fort Worth and Amarillo.

On July l, 1937 Mr. T.J. Waggoner, Jr. became the Troop Committee Chairman. He served in this capacity until November 30, 1962. During his tenure, Mr. Waggoner also served as the Northwest Texas Council President in 1949 and 1950. Mr. Waggoner's three sons are Troop 1 Eagle Scouts. Mr. Waggoner was also awarded the Silver Beaver and was this council's first Silver Antelope in recognition of his outstanding service to Scouting.

In June 1966, Mr. Jim Hughes (a Troop 1 Eagle Scout) assumed the responsibility of being the Scoutmaster for Troop 1. He served in this capacity until December 1989 at which time he had guided 117 boys to the rank of Eagle Scout. Mr. Hughes has served Scouting in numerous positions as well. Including Chartered Organization Representative, Council Delegate to the National Council, National Camp Inspector and so on. Mr. Hughes, Jim, is currently serving as President of the Northwest Texas Council and as Troop l' s Chartered Organization Representative.

From 1990 to 1997 Troop 1 several men served as Scoutmaster including, Tom Hauptman, Jim Hughes (returned for 6 months), Bob Hardy, Patrick Reagan and Bill Neale. During that time 26 boys earned their Eagle Scout rank.

In June 1997, Blaney Eathorne was given the responsibility of Scoutmaster. After a period of rebuilding, he proudly guides a group of fine young men towards their Eagle Scout rank. Three young men attained the Eagle Scout Rank in 2004. Three more completed their Eagle rank in 2005. We celebrated our 90th Anniversary in 2006, and another Eagle Scout Rank. This is just the beginning of what is sure to be the continuation of the rich tradition of Eagle Scouts at Troop 1. Troop 1 is sponsored by Floral Heights United Methodist Church.

This group site is to serve as a event reminder to the Scouts and their families, a recruitment tool for prospective Scouts and a storehouse of pictures of prior events.

our web site is!/TroopOne